Plain Gazebo Tent 10ft by 10ft (without printing & branding )


Order plain Gazebo Canopy Tents  10ft by10ft 

Colours available: Red, Green , White , Yellow , Blue , Orange

Printing and Branding not included

No assembly required, very easy to erect.
• Perfect for any camping or outdoor activities.
• Fire retardant and blocks out 98% of UV.
• Can be used on grass, patio, sand, etc.
• Accomodates up to 8 people spaciously.
• Heavy duty steel frame is rust resistant.
• Waterproof and withstands heavy showers.
• Dimensions: L3000xD3000xH2200 mm.


Our 3x3m pop-up outdoor gazebo is fully waterproof and not just shower-proof, it will withstand heavy showers right up to a torrential down-pour whilst keeping you 100% dry. The heavy duty steel frame of this portable canopy tent is rust resistant, and powder coated, with plenty of support struts for extra stability and has 3 different height settings.

No assembly needed. Erection of this pop-up outdoor gazebo is very simple. This portable canopy tent has no poles to click into place, just pull the legs out, put the roof cover over the frame (first time only, roof can be left on the frame for future uses) raise the legs to the desired height then lock them into place. It really couldn’t be any more simple and takes a few minutes. The pop-up outdoor gazebo can be used on grass, patios, sand etc.
There is a minimum of 7ft clearance around the lowest part when the 3x3m pop-up outdoor gazebo is at its highest setting making this perfect for people of all heights.

All pop-up outdoor gazebo are meant as temporary structures and should never be left unattended for any length of time including overnight.

This all-rounder”, all-season collapsible canopy gazebo is perfect for any camping or outdoor activity and for setting up market stalls and shelters. The 300 Denier UVtex treated polyester canopy of the portable canopy tent with internal silver coating is not only fire retardant, but also blocks out 98% of the UV. The easy grip ABS buttons allow for easy height adjustment of the portable canopy tent to one of the three height settings.

10x10ft (3x3m) pop-up outdoor gazebo canopy is big enough to accomodate 7 people, 4 motorbikes or 1 car. The collapsible canopy is large, light weight and easy to carry.
So this portable canopy tent could be used as a temporary showroom at a remote place, display of car and bike models at public places or open exhibition areas, as a temporary car garage, advertising kiosk for occasional marketing purpose or a shelter for picnics etc.

It’s pertinent to realize that pictures of the collapsible canopy do not mostly depict quality. Collapsible canopy manufacturers endeavor to specify the quality of the metal or plastic materials. Therefore, whether for the office, home, public or industry, make sure you understand that where to buy these pop-up outdoor gazebo displayed for sale is as important as the best price you pay. Our manufacturer abroad, offer warranty conditions on their collapsible canopy based on reasonable terms and conditions which vary significantly with the country of sale.


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